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Director: Wong Yee-lam


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2013
Duration 22’ 02”
Colour Colour
Language In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles
Genre Drama
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis This is a story of fall: of falling into traps and for lies and scams, of falling in love and falling out of love, and of falling for your own lies and falling back into the old ways, spectacularly.
Michelle enrolls in a self-help course in the hope that she will make her married lover come to his senses and treats her right. When the chanting of positive self-affirmations – Peace! Friendship! Love! – descends into uncontrollable screaming and wailing, will the newly converted be able to see things in a new light or will she wrapped herself up in the shining amour of self-victimization to keep her from hurting?
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

"It’s my honor to participate in Udine Far East Film Festival, to join many famous Asia directors and filmmakers. Being the first time to get in touch with European audience wha are interested in Hong Kong films, I found it pretty interesting and fresh of their reaction – calpping and laughing point. Udine Far East Film Festival is a well-organized film festival with excellent atmosphere.”

— Shared by Wong Yee-lam Norris, director of Fall after attending the 16th Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, under the sponsorship of NAE.

“Under NAE’s support, I was granted the opportunity to present my work at the film festivals in France and Italy. Aside from the invaluable experience to mingle with overseas audiences and appreciate the creative works from other places, I also had the golden chance to meet with Europe distributors in France, who eventually helped to release my first DVD last year. Through participating at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival & Market, this had enabled me to interact with the overseas audiences and get to know their views to my work. Hope that I would be able to share my upcoming work overseas again in the near future.

— Shared by Wong Yee-lam Norris, director of Fall after attending Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival & Market 2015 in France, under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director