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Director: Eli Tsui


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2013
Duration 8’ 32”
Colour Colour
Language In Cantonese with English subtitles
Genre Drama (Fiction)
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis In a particular dimension of this world, every person would have a copy of backup memory stored in a cloud system called K.A.R.L., it's just like a personal dairy. When someone dies, friends and family would authorize a funeral company to edit his memory from K.A.R.L. and produce a life movie which could be shown in his funeral. Because of this reason, a new profession namely 'Life Editor' has emerged. Lim Chi is a famous 25 years old Life Editor in the city. He has started this job since he was 15, he works closely with K.A.R.L. all these years. He has edited more than 3000 life movies since then. When Lim Chi gets more skillful in his job, he has become more and more cold-hearted at the same time. One day, an 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck Tokyo. At this time, Chi received a mysterious job assignment......
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“As a director of photography, I am aware of the cinematography of the works shown.
They like to emphasize the overall interactions between the characters and the surrounding and a steady shot with little movement could take a fairly long time. Also, I can see the difference of academic side between Hong Kong and other places. As I am going to become one of the students in university, I can only have a sigh with grief for those who are talented but not be able to have the learning environment they deserved. Last but not least, the attitude and appreciation of the audience. A sad fact I learnt is that sometimes it’s not the filmmaker but the place and culture who make the whole thing bad. If the education doesn’t change, it’ll just keep on decaying. ”

- Shared by Wong Yin-pok Asgard, cinematographer of K.A.R.L., after attending up-and-coming International Film Festival Hannover in Germany, under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director