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Director: Edwin Lo


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2016
Duration 30'00''
Colour Colour
Language No Dialogue and Subtitles
Genre Video game installation
Shooting Format software
Synopsis Based on the field recordings made in 2007, Processions (2016) reveals the resonance of religious occasion of Taoism procession of Hunger Ghost Festival in simulated environment. By using different signs and assets of game engine Unity3D, the works situates sound in the game environment and the work tries to reexamine the perspectives and gestures of listening and the relationship between auditory and visual experiences in a digital/simulated environment and with positioning sound as subject matter in game, it conveys the artist’s question and reflection of how sound art and game art emerging together. With situating field recordings in an digital environment instead of pure transmissions through recordings, does our listening experiences changed? Does it affect our usual perception of sound, and how? The work itself is not mean to an end as a game to be played and but a process of exploring with experiences, listening, observing details and signs with auditory materials.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“This trip allows me to get to know more about different audiences from other cultural backgrounds. It is interesting to know their reaction of my work. Through meeting with some art practitioners, curators and art administrators, we've built up the initial understanding of each other. Throughout the conversations with these people, I get to know more about their surrounding and the influence of this surrounding to their artistic production. This brings me some inspiration for my next production and I hope I can come back and meet with them again. Meanwhile, this trip also brings me an immersive experience of art by visiting screenings, shows and exhibitions during the stay. Lastly, I would like to thank NAE for its generous support in funding my trip.”

— Shared by Lo Yun-Ting Edwin, director of Procession after attending the PLAY.GROUND: video game art from Hong Kong in Japan, under the sponsorship of NAE

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