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Resettlement Memory
Director: Lee Kwok-wai


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2016
Duration 6'37''
Colour Colour
Language No dialogue with English subtitles
Genre Animation
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis A fire in the 1950s destroyed the entire cottage area. In the seven-storey government resettlement block for the victims, it is not uncommon for a family of five to live together in a mere 200 square feet flat. Accustomed to quantifying income, population, and land supply, how should we quantify the process whereby a flat transforms into a home?
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“I have participated in Japanese and Korean film festival, this is my first time to European festival. I’ve not heard Clermont International Short Film Festival before. I was so lucky to be sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) and be able to participate in such a high level film festival. I am willing to seize this opportunity.
I would like to share the memory of where I lived through this animation: “Resettlement Memory”. Nowadays, more and more Hong Kong residents are thinking about their personal identity in modern Hong Kong society. I hope to bring this topic to the international audience and hear more feedback from them.
This time, I also co-directed another animation « departure» selected by NAE. My specialty is different from other two artists. It was a quite pleasant cooperation between animators and cartoonists. During the festival, I've been thinking how to open the market and to observe how directors from around the world are shooting short films. I also hope that I can cooperate with animators from other countries in the future to create new animations.
In Hong Kong, the artwork is easy to be exposed. However, it will be much more difficult to stand on the international arena and it will pay a great effort and we need to attend many film festivals. NAE is the organization dedicated to promoting Hong Kong films and they spent a lot of effort to introduce Hong Kong short film to international market. As a director, I only need to focus on my own creation, I will not be distracted from distribution and marketing jobs. In particular, from the International Film Festival to Hong Kong, NAE hosts numerous screenings to help us to be recognized by foreign film market and to promote the exchange of filmmakers from Hong Kong.
Six years ago, I attended another Indian short film festival through NAE’s support. For next projects, I still want to create an animation focused on the city of Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong is such a special place for me. There are many contradictions, dramatic elements, but all of them are very interesting. I want to recreate this and share my feelings with the audience.”

— Shared by Lee Kwok-wai, director of Resettlement Memory after attending Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2018 in France, under the sponsorship of NAE.

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