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無用機器 X Exit
X Exit Useless Machine
Director: Remu Iwai (岩井REMU)


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2015
Duration 03'50
Colour Colour
Language No dialogue with English subtitles
Genre Dance film
Shooting Format Pro Res 422 HD 1080p
Synopsis “The more oppressed we are, the more we rebel; the more useless we are, the more we need to act!” Inspired by the Rube Goldberg Machine, 'X Exit Useless Machine' is an absurd, bizarre and twisted mechanical design. With dancer's body and objects as starting point, the dance film explore the uselessness of a particular space and the beauty of absurdity; With the most superfluous flow of funny chain movements, they went a long way to complete an otherwise minimal and simple action. (*The concept and ideas of the work were conceived and developed from the “New Works Forum: Screendance” co-presented by the West Kowloon Cultural District and the City Contemporary Dance Company.)
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

Thanks NAE for bringing me to 2017 WRO Media Art Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland. WRO is not just a traditional film festival. Film/Video were presented not only in screening, but also as video installation etc. I am amazed that there are still many unexplored possibilities of moving images. And it is my pleasure to gain so many responses from other artists and audiences directly after the screenings. Moreover, I have met several artists from different countries. It was a super fruitful journey for me.

— Shared by Ng Kong-wai Remus, director of X Exit Useless Machine after attending the 2017 WRO Media Art Biennale in Poland under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director