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Director: Kong Ka-yiu Rony


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2017
Duration 29'31''
Colour Colour
Language In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Genre Drama
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis Lee Chi Ho is a science lover however he need to give up for his dream because of his family. He believes that the Earth is flat but he didn’t tell anyone about this weird idea. One day he meets a strange uncle who live in a mysterious spaceship and full of Flat Earth documents inside. Moreover, Lee’s son also believes that the Earth is flat but everyone in the school laugh about him, including the teacher. To prove what he believes for his son, he eventually decided to fly to the space with the uncle's spaceship.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“Thanks to the invitation from "NAE", my graduation project can be displayed on the international stage. I’m a fan of science fiction. While shooting «Horizon», I create a story of father and son by exploring the human and family relationship. What this film wants to express is that we always lose something in the pursuit of our dreams, but we need to know how to deal with them when we lose them.

There’s no exception, this video took me more than six months. We are six in total in our team. In order to build a space capsule, we collected many accessories from hardware stores in Hong Kong. In order to create realistic space image, we also learnt VFX and post-effects on the Internet. The actors in the video are also very dedicated. I’m so dedicated to the production and I lost a lot of time with my family and my friends. But now I come to the Clermont International Short Film Festival, all these efforts are worth it. After the special Hong Kong screening, a 12-year-old boy said that he really enjoyed my short film because he was a fan of astronomy. I was really happy to see that my work was recognized by international audience.

This is my first visit to France. When NAE project manager Roxane contacted me, I was very excited to attend such a large-scale film festival. I am honored to meet other excellent directors in NAE team. The film market is also very awesome, I have communicated with professionals from Taiwan and Canada, maybe I will apply for Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan in the future.

For me, the most important thing is to absorb new things every day. During the festival, I have discovered many possibilities. I am sure that I can bring these new ideas back to Hong Kong in my own creations. In the future, I hope to participate in the feature movie project supported by Hong Kong government. I hope that I can write a good script and Roxane has also given me a lot of valuable suggestions. I am very grateful to the NAE team for their support and their help for this trip.”

— Shared by Kong Ka Yiu Rony, director of Horizon after attending Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival & Market 2018 in France, under the sponsorship of NAE.

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