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Disabled novel
Director: Law Yuk-mui


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2010
Duration 17’ 36”
Colour Colour
Language No dialogues with Chinese & English subtitles
Genre Experimental
Shooting Format DV
Synopsis The film script of disabled novel is based on the eponymous novel I wrote. This film has no dialogue and is divided into 13 parts, 90% of which consists of internal soliloquy. Using the theme of 'lost' as a starting point, the film lays bare the odd sense of melancholy that parades life.Transferring reality,memory and fantasy, it reconstructs the psychological pathways of urban life with broken fragments.
Distribution & Screening Enquiry

Remarks shared after Festival visit

“Both students and teachers from Si Chuan Fine Arts Institute, Communication University of China and China Central Academy of Fine Arts were invited to the festival, where multiple screenings took place. Although we had not had the chance to develop in-depth discussions, it was apparent that their emphasis and view points on both stylistic approach and formality in films are entirely different from what we share in Hong Kong. Being able to be there in person, to confront the audience, is an incredible experience. It is an experience that allows you as the creator to view your artwork in a whole new context. I sincerely hope that NAE will continue to support local talents, to become a platform where young directors may grow and bloom .”

—Shared by Law Yuk-mui, director of Disabled Novel, after attending the 9th Beijing Independent Film Festival in China, under the sponsorship of NAE.
(photo from festival foundation weibo)

* Information provided by Director