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Director: Lam Sum


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2011
Duration 23’ 00”
Colour Colour
Language In Cantonese and Udu with Chinese & English subtitles
Genre Drama (Fiction)
Shooting Format 16mm
Synopsis Fai, a ten-year-old boy who’s a new immigrant from mainland China, he lives in a narrow suite with his mother and his step-father. The step-father loves gambling, the mother works long hours and seldom at home, Fai vaguely has the idea of “family”. One day, he met a Pakistani boy Khan, who was born and raised in Hong Kong. Khan, as a local, shown Fai of his new home and brought him to family dinners. However, while the friendship is building up, Khan’s family has to move out of the community because of the city redevelopment and the rising property cost. The city seems lonely and helpless for everyone. The only thing Fai wants to do, is to bid Khan farewell, the only connection between this city and him.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

"Through the support from Hong Kong Short Film: New Action Express, I was given the opportunity to travel to Kosovo and Israel to attend both film festivals, which was an eye-opening experience for myself. I had the opportunity to travel abroad, to live and to experience foreign culture and arts, and to learn the concept and philosophy on the film directing and producing by the filmmakers all around the world. As a young learner intending to pursue a career in creative media and film production, this journey definitely evoked and strengthened my ambition to create in the future."

— Shared by Lam Sum, director of Drifting, comments after attending the 9th SKENA UP International Students Film and Theatre Festival in Kosovo and the 14th Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival in Israel, under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director