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Director: Wong Yiu-tung


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2015
Duration 2’41”
Colour Color
Language No dialogue and subtitles
Genre Animation
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis Dolphins are currently extinguishing due to illegal electrofishing, it may lead to damage in environment and break the food chain. Through this story, we hope to arouse people’s attention on stopping these kinds of behavior, and protect environment.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“As a student, NAE has brought us an incredible experience. NAE offered us an opportunity to travel abroad as a means to push the Hong Kong film industry forward. It has showed us what filming has to offer us, and what we can gain from it in return. Filmmakers can have the chance to share their experiences with other young media producers from all over the world, and also learn more film production-related skills and technique. Filmmakers can refresh themselves with new ideas and have productive brainstorming when they are abroad.

After the trip, I can use what I have learnt from the exchange to produce a higher quality film with some meaningful messages, especially in world peace and other issues. I would like more people to learn about this project and to benefit from it. I am glad that I could have the sponsorship from NAE and participate in this film festival.”

—Shared by Wong Yiu-tung Matthew, director of Electrofishing, after attending the VAFI - 7th International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin in Croatia, under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director