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Director: Tsang Fu-yuen


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2015
Duration 1’3”
Colour Color
Language No dialogue and subtitles
Genre Animation
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis Earth is our homestead so that we should protect it. Though teacher teach the villager, bring out we should mutual cooperation to make our homes become beautiful and clean.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

I enjoyed the lesson which was about sounds and animation very much in VAFI. It was because the lesson made me learnt how to use sounds in animation smoothly. Also, it provided me a way to make my animation more perfect, which can attract more audiences to watch it. In addition, I think the organisation can hold more lessons about other animation skills such that the director can learn more about other effects so as to make their film much more smoothly. I believe the more technique the director learn, the more satisfactory film they shall make. Personally I think the organiser can organize more activities there. For example, they can hold an activity to visit the local scenery such that we can know more culture about Croatia from the activity. In conclusion, I enjoyed the time that I spent in VAFI very much as it has given me a precious memory!

—Shared by Tsang Fu-yuen Gary, director of Homestead, after attending the VAFI - 7th International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin in Croatia, under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director