Film Title

The Sea Within
Director: Wong Wai-nap


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2014
Duration 30'00
Colour Colour
Language In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Genre Drama
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis Fishermen couple Ah Shing and Mei-wah, having lived from boat to shore, stayed together for most of their lives. After their son grew up, they have different visions towards the rest of their days. Ah Shing insists on fishing amid the decline of the local fishing industry. Mei-wah works as a factory worker and wishes for a more stable life. Even when there are subtle and profound changes in their relationships due to the different views, their affections for each other never stopped and they still support each other. This story is based on the real-life experience of my parents, and they play their own character in the film.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“It was not my first time to attend international festival. My short film has been nominated by various short film festivals internationally such as Montreal, Caire, Bangkok and China, etc. Since I’m turning 30 years old, I’m at the turning point of my life. The trip sponsored by NAE allowed me to think over my future career. I’ve been working as a film editor and photographer since graduation, now I shall focus to directing.

After the NAE market screening, international audiences showed their interests in my production and fishermen in Hong Kong. I took time to explain to them that Hong Kong economy has been changing a lot. Many secondary industries closed, including the fisherman industry. As a son of the sea and the last generation of Hong Kong fisherman, I would like to make a short film to describe the fates of fishermen in Hong Kong - how they struggling to survive in the society, and the relation between family members. The story is based on the real-life experience of my parents, and that’s why they play their own character in the film.

I’m a fan of French New Wave films. Many talented directors have occurred during that period and they are my references. I talked with foreign producers, directors and investors and shared my projects, some of them invited me to make shooting projects in their countries, such as Italy, France, Canada etc. It’s an ideal way of cooperation for me.

During the festival, we had a unique chance to attend a VIP cocktail dedicated to NAE delegation organised by a local commercial association. This event gave me a lot of inspiration because we met several family-owned craftsmen. Some of them have run the family business since 8 generations and it continues to be promoted locally and worldwide. French people make huge effort to maintain local tradition by setting up museums and schools. I’m very interested in this kind of culture phenomenon. I’m wondering if I can come back to Clermont Ferrand one day to shoot a documentary about how French people preserve their tradition from generation to generation.

— Shared by Wong Wai-nap, director of The Sea Within after attending Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival & Market 2016 in France, under the sponsorship of NAE.

“Bangkok World Film Festival has shown cultures from different countries, esp. by those film production from South East Asia and the developing regions. The most impressive is, during these years, Thailand political situation is tense, and film and cultural activities are not in favor of the stratocracy, therefore funding for cultural productions are shrinked, but then the organizers are still running the festival with limited resources.

It was a rare chance to discuss with curator of the festival about the film production in South East Asia, since there are only two short films shown in the festival, eight in total from different parts of the world. There are only two from Thailand, so I do not understand the short film culture there, but I knew there is another film festival called Thai Short Film Festival there. Every year a lot of local short films are shown in the film festival.

— Shared by Wong Wai-nap, director of The Sea Within, after attending 13th World Film Festival of Bangkok in Thailand, under the sponsorship of NAE.

"It is my honor that The Sea Within was selected by Montreal World Film Festival, and shown in the section of ”Focus on World Cinema”. The festival aims to promote outstanding films from different countries, thus to encourage cultural exchange among filmmakers and audiences. During the visit, I know more about the status of overseas film market, meanwhile, besides cinematic art, I also learn more about different kinds of art-making, such us public art and new media."

Shared by Wong Wai-nap, director of The Sea Within, after attending 39th Montreal World Film Festival in Canada.

"I am glad to be invited by Kuan-Du Film Festival, one of the most important student film festivals in Taiwan. Kuan-Du Film Festival is a very good communication platform for film school students to exchange ideas and participate in the process of organising the festival. From the festival, I have noticed the strict narrative structure in the Taiwan short film culture. It is also unexpected that film students from Taiwan have shown great interests in the situations of Hong Kong films nowadays. The discussion was ardent and ideas out of the film were also bought up for discussion. "

— Shared by Wong Wai-nap, directors of The Sea Within after attending the 7th Kuan-Du Film Festival in Taiwan, under the sponsorship of NAE.

“Kaohsiung Film Festival is the only film festival in Taiwan which includes international short film competition section. I am honored that my work has been officially screened and was given a chance to express my ideas to the audience and in South Taiwan. Many outstanding short films from all over the world are shown and thus it has been an eye-opening experience for me. I discussed with the organizing committee of the film festival and understood more about the local film production and filming plan. Although after screening discussion was not arranged, many passionate audience took the initiative to stay in the cinema and discussed my film with me."

— Shared by Wong Wai-nap, director of The Sea Within, after attending Kaohsiung Film Festival 2015 in Taiwan, under the sponsorships of NAE.

“I am honored to receive the sponsorship from NAE such that I am able to visit the most influential independent film festival in China, watch a number of important works and receive the Best Short Film Award in person. In addition, I also got the opportunity to communicate with local independent filmmakers and companies to discuss the possibility of further cooperation between the two places on independent film productions. The film festival has gone through 12 years and has incubated many outstanding filmmakers in China. I hope that more people will pay attention to the local ban on the suppression of film festivals, films and other cultural activities.

— Shared by Wong Wai-nap, director of The Sea Within, after attending 12th China Independent Film Festival in China, under the sponsorship of NAE.

For the screening of my short, most of the comments from audience were inspiring and encouraging for my future production. Thanks to NAE, such that I could attend the festival and be awarded in person. South Taiwan Film Festival is a film festival that emphasizes on human literacy and the contemporary society. I hope the films selected in the future can continue to catch the attention of citizens on surrounding social issues and phenomenon.”

— Shared by Wong Wai-nap, director of The Sea Within after attending 15th South Taiwan Film Festival in Taiwan, under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director