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You know where to find me
Director: Jolene Mok


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2014
Duration 5\' 01
Colour Colour
Language In English with Chinese subtitles
Genre Experimental
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis This piece is dedicated to my late Grandpa. Home is a concept that is embedded firmly inside of me even though I am far away from it in terms of physical distance. I do not want to surrender to the trap of staying at home without first trying to figure out if it is the best option for me. So I consider my decision to be on itinerant since 2011 as a commitment in searching for a truer definition of home. Through relocating myself in alien territories, I am an anonymous foreigner who is not grounded, without a socially prescribed life to live up to, and far enough away so that I can distance myself from the burden of home and from overwhelming relationships. And yet as an itinerant artist, I could not invest too much energy in the idea on missing people, and/or places, as it is exhausting and energy draining. Instead of missing someone or some places, I go visit - and revisit - them whenever possible. Meanwhile I carry them with me in my heart, as in my work.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“I could not be more grateful for having my trip sponsored by NAE, as without NAE\'s sponsorship, I could not afford to do this trip. It was meaningful for me to see my work being shown for the 1st time in the Asia Pacific Region. Besides, I got the opportunity to meet artists who share similar interests and concerns as mine and the conversation and discussions I had with them very inspiring. Furthermore, I got the chance to meet with the audience in person so that I could learn from them directly their comments and responses to my work. All in all, it has been a very fruitful trip as I\'m really happy that I made it there in person to see my work. Thanks to the generous support from NAE, I would say my hard work and effort that I invested in making my work is being rewarded.”

— Shared by Jolene Mok, director of You know where to find me after attending 4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition in Taiwan, under the sponsorship of NAE

* Information provided by Director