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Concrete Jungle
Director: Siu Man-kit


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2013
Duration 1\' 17
Colour Colour
Language No dialogue with English subtitles
Genre 3D Animation
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis There is a bird flying in the sky, but because of mistaken the TV rod for a tree and hit on it, finally halo away. The main character who go to rooftop because of the blur of TV. He take the bird to his home. The bird saw the green on the TV and wake up but since the not enough of the green, and halo again. So, he go to rooftop and crop. One day, the plants are all cropped, and the bird is rejuvenate. After that, a meteor fall down, they close their eyes for wish. When they open their eyes, they are in a very graceful place, and this place is the place that the ideal community in our mind.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“HONG KONG SHORT FILM: NEW ACTION EXPRESS is an important and meaningful project. It offers chances for the directors and producers in Hong Kong to attend the international festivals, to support them with financial aspects. I am not very wealthy, I cannot afford the cost to travel. Luckily, NAE provided an opportunity to me, I can travel abroad to exchange. During the exchange, I can learn a lot from others, therefore, it is meaningful for me. After the trip, I can use what I learn in the exchange to produce a higher quality film with some meaningful messages especially in world peace and other issues. In the future, I hope NAE can run continuously to benefit all Hong Kong directors. Nevertheless, I suggest NAE can increase more designated festivals for us to apply for the sponsorship. Last but not least, thanks NAE for supporting me to join this festival.”

— Shared by Siu Man-kit, director of Concrete Jungle, after attending the 9th International Youth Media Summit in USA, under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director