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Director: Tsang Ki-yuen


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Production Country Hong Kong
Production Year 2013
Duration 3’ 28”
Colour Colour
Language No dialogue with English subtitles
Genre 3D Animation
Shooting Format HD
Synopsis ln a white world, there are three character inside, red, yellow and blue, they liked their colours, they want to empty their own colours painted world, but in the course of the case occurred in the region to compete with each other, mixing the three primary colours make the whole world was a big mess,the world become black one then. Later, they feel guilty because of the mess world, so they decided to unite, they try to exert the colour of their own, use characteristics of the three primary colours, create more kinds colours, added a different color for the world, make the world to be more colorful.
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Remarks shared after Festival visit

“Seoul International Youth Film Festival is a good platform for youth to get more experience of making film. And the films in the festival are very professional. This year, 142 films from 40 countries has participate in the festival. That is a chance for me to watch the high-quality films and learning more skills for making films. Also, I can experienced the traditional food and culture on there, like eating kimchi and watching local culture performances, that is a good chance for me to know more about Korea this country. Nevertheless, I can meet a lot of friends in Korea too, it help me to expand my social circle and have a chance to practice my speaking skills. I hope this project can run continuously, and also more people can join this festival to have a good experience of their life. Finally, thanks NAEHK supports me to join the Seoul International Youth Film Festival.”

— Shared by Tsang Ki-yuen, director of Colour, after attending the 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival in South Korea, under the sponsorship of NAE.

* Information provided by Director