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NAE Networking Event and Seminar on Festival Participation

18 November 2012 @ agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Conducted in Cantonese, Free Admission
Seats to be served on first-come-first- served basis

Shortage of resources is not the only obstacle most local independent short film filmmakers face, one of the keys to their success is to engage in international film festivals and to do effective networking with professionals alike – the question is, how? Rather than walking in the mist alone, why not join us in this programme to equip yourselves with information and strategies in planning for festival participation and to meet the like-minded in our creative community?

Guest Moderator: Fung Mei-wah May (Independent cultural worker)


Part 1
2:30 – 5:30pm

Seminar on Strategic Film Festival Participation
This seminar hints you on preparing proper marketing and packaging of your short films for a specific group of professionals and audiences that are crucial to impress and succeed.

Guest Speaker: Yeung Wai-lan Esther (Director of Marketing, Special Projects, Edko Films Ltd.)

From shorts to feature
Talk about techniques in establishing their fame: by arranging long-term filming projects with line-ups on marketing, by witty selections made on festival participations, by learning the balance and to gain support for their career – all keys to impress people all over the world.

Guest Speakers:

Tsang Tsui-shan - Best New Director of the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards

Wong Wai-kit Vicky - Winner of ifva Awards, one of his works is being broadcasted by Canal +

Excellent Shorts Sharing

Lonely Planet  Tsang Tsui-shan
Hong Kong / Col / 2004 / 25’30” / In Cantonese, Flemish and Mandarin with English subtitles

  • Official Selection, Women Make Waves Film Festival 2007, Taiwan
  • Official Selection, Pierwszy Przegląd Niezależnego Kina I Reklam z Hong Kongu 2006, Poland
  • Official Selection, 19th Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore
  • Official Selection, Festival del Cortometraggio 2005, Italy
  • Official Selection, 9th Thai Short Film and Video Festival, Thailand
  • Official Selection, Sehsϋchte International Student Film Festival 2004, Germany
  • Official Selection, 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong
  • Silver Award, Open Category, 10th ifva Awards, Hong Kong
  • Official Selection, Absolutely Independent Film Festival 2005, Hong Kong
  • Screening, 2Gether Showcase, Hong Kong

Back and forth, there is something different from before… I am surrounded by flowers… Summer is the season for love, and the time Chi Fan broke up with her lover. Trying to forget the sadness, Chi Fan came back to Hong Kong.  She revisited the old places with her best friend, Kee Yin.  The places seemed familiar but strange. They came across many happy faces. They talked about work, love and their lives.  Traveling from one city to another, everyone is searching for something. Back and forth, we are only looking for a chance to starting over again.


Variable Wong Wai-kit Vicky
Hong Kong / Col / 2007 / 7' / No dialogue and subtitles

  • Special Mention, Open Category, 13th ifva Awards, Hong Kong
  • Official Selection, 22nd Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Festival for Expanded Media, Germany
  • Screening, S-EXPRESS: Chinese 2, 8th Asian Film Symposium, The Substation, Singapore
  • Official Selection, 54th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany
  • Broadcast, Canal + Pay TV licensed short film 2008, International (France, Monaco, Mauritius, Switzerland)
  • Excellence Award, 30th JVC Tokyo Video Festival, Japan

Feeling tired… performing different roles in front of different peoples… taking down the mask, I come to see… the Self has been lost in the performance of its social roles.


Part 2
5:30 – 6:30pm

Networking and refreshment session


Part 3
7:15 – 10pm

“New Action Express” Short Film Highlights with an after-screening sharing
Ten excellent short films listed under NAE that were previously showcased in international film festivals and competitions will be screened.  Filmmakers will be invited to compare the local and international film cultures and share their experiences in impressing different types of audiences, laughs and tears of participating in different competitions and festivals.

1+1 Lai Yan-chi
Hong Kong / Col / 2010 / 30' / In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles
CFSC – Alien Duncan Ho Tsz-lam
Hong Kong / Col / 2010 / 2'05"/ No dialogue and subtitles
Drifting  Lam Sum
Hong Kong / Col / 2011 / 23'/ In Cantonese and Udu with Chinese & English subtitles
The Drifting Love” (produced by RTHK) Cheung Kam-shing Franky
Hong Kong / Col / 2010 / 13’42”/ In Cantonese with English subtitles
The Launch  Lam Chi-chung
Hong Kong / Col / 2010 / 5'20”/ No dialogue and subtitles
Puff the Magic Dragon  Ho Ka-ho
Hong Kong / Col & B/W / 2010 / 5'/ No dialogue and subtitles
Random Travel  Loh Yeuk-sun
Beijing / Col / 2010 / 11' / In Mandarin with Chinese & English subtitles
Remnants  Gary Wong
Hong Kong / B/W / 2010 / 9’20”/ In Cantonese with English subtitles
Time to Say Goodbye” (produced by RTHK) Lee Kwok-wai
Hong Kong / Col / 2009 / 15' 02”/ In Cantonese with English subtitles
Twenty Dollars  Lam See-chit
Hong Kong / Col / 2011 / 15' / In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles

Remarks: Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Programme content does not reflect the view of the organiser.




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