FILMART Online 2020 Screening: “NEW ACTION EXPRESS” Short Film Highlights

“HONG KONG SHORT FILM: NEW ACTION EXPRESS” (NAE) spares no effort in promoting excellent Hong Kong short films locally and abroad. To raise the profile of Hong Kong short films, this year NAE continues to engage in the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART), which attracts around 9,000 buyers annually in recent years and has been recongnised as one of the largest film industry events in Asia.

The 24th edition of FILMART will run virtually 26-29 August 2020 as “FILMART Online”. Eight Hong Kong short films awarded in overseas film festivals, where local filmmakers’ attendances were supported by NAE, will be showcased on the platform to massive amount of film industry practitioners from across the globe twenty-four seven during the event period.

Date: 26-29 August 2020
Time: Online for a limited-time during FILMART 2020
Venue: Viewable on “FILMART Online” platform*
*Accessible to accreditation holders of FILMART Online

Have a Nice Day
Lau Kok-rui

2018 | Colour | 25’ 00” | In Urdu, Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitles
The Umbrella
Tsang Hing-weng Eric

2018 | Colour | 21’ 59” | In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Mok Chun-hei

2019 | Colour | 3’ 28” | No dialogue and subtitles
3 Generations 3 Days
Chu Hoi-ying

2019 | Colour | 20’ 08” | In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Wong Wun-yin

2019 | Colour | 1’ 15” | No dialogue and subtitles
Lee Kam-hung

2019 | Colour | 2’ 28” | No dialogue and subtitles
Over the Fence
Wong Chak-ting

2019 | Colour | 2’ 46” | No dialogue and subtitles
Lau Weng-i

2019 | Colour | 1’ 34” | No dialogue and subtitles
Special thanks: Fresh Wave Film Festival Limited, Lau Kok-rui, Tsang Hing-weng Eric, Mok Chun-hei, Chu Hoi-ying, Wong Wun-yin, Lee Kam-hung, Wong Chak-ting and Lau Weng-i
Online application for NAE is now closed. Details of the next round of application will be announced in due course.
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