24th ifva Festival: NEW ACTION EXPRESS Short Film Highlights

HONG KONG SHORT FILM: NEW ACTION EXPRESS (NAE) aims at broadening the horizons of Hong Kong creative talent and helping them gain exposure abroad. Six award-winning titles, having been screened at various festivals in Europe and America, are brought back to local platform for us to revisit the stories that we take pride in.

Date: 17 March 2019
Time: 8:15pm
Duration: 95’
Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre (Free admission, with after-screening discussion)

No Sleep Club
Wong Yee-mei

Hong Kong / 2017 / Col / 25’ 00” / In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles
Chi the new president of No Sleep Club arrives the club and meets Fireball, William and Tina, the only three members left in the club. Fireball's wife betrays him, William's work is not appreciated, Tina’s parents do not support her to learn dancing. All these reasons make the three of them sleepless. So they seek help from Chi and at first they look down on Chi. But as Chi uses some unconventional treatment to heal their sleeplessness, the members recognise Chi as the president and support Chi to heal his own sleeplessness.
DeerAmelie and the Meow Stone
Fan Chi-pan、Kwok Lu-ming

Hong Kong / 2017 / Col / 4’ 57” / No dialogue and subtitles
Stone is a creature covered in long and dirty black hair. It is traumatised and emotionally numb towards its surroundings. The lively Deer and the bright, pretty Amelie are best friends. One day, Deer and Amelie bump into Stone when they are foraging fruit. Can they heal Stone’s broken soul?
Wong Yiu-nam, Tang Chak-keung

Hong Kong / 2017 / Col / 2’ 36” / No dialogue with English subtitles
Our unified, single-body education system has not changed for almost a century, it limits creativity, and does not allow students to make mistakes, this animation sparkles creativity and is a statement to all people, telling them that they are all different and they should not be limited to what people think they should be.
Trumpet Man
Wong Lai-ming

Hong Kong / 2016 / Col / 13’ 50” / No dialogue and subtitles
A turntable springs out a woman named Avocado. Out of Avocado’s instinct, she creates a man called Soul. A sudden passion joins and swings them in a trumpet mood. An uncertain madness strikes Soul heavily. Seeds of passion continue to breed conflict amongst five men without control, eventually leading Soul to a broader future.
Bright Spring Days
Yeh Ka-lun

Hong Kong / 2017 / Col / 25’ 00” / In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles
Kuen is a lounge singer on Temple Street. Her son Kakei, now a university student, returns to Hong Kong for just a few days after migrating to Canada with his father. Kuen's colleague Kit enlists Kuen’s help to take care of her young son. During the sleepless night, Kuen and Kakei relive their past and envisage their future through another pair of mother and son.
Little Shop of Grotesque
Hung Tsz-ching

Hong Kong / 2017 / Col / 23’ 00” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Flower shop employee Molly has a passion for flowers and plants, she understands that plants are intellectual and capable of communication. With acute sensitivity, she could quickly locate and exterminate bugs hidden in the plants. Up in the shop’s attic is where she experiments in breeding a brand new species of flower, which makes no progress. New co-worker Anna joins the shop and Molly starts to notice sound of insects crawling and buzzing. Soon she finds that it comes from within Anna’s body...
Online application for NAE is now closed. Details of the next round of application will be announced in due course.
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