Outdoor Screening: Hong Kong New Generation Video

In recent years, Hong Kong short films and animations have made a name for themselves in different places around the world – not only frequently featured at overseas film festivals, but also won multiple awards in various international competitions. For two consecutive nights, Comix Home Base showed a series of award-winning works by emerging local talents. The “NEW ACTION EXPRESS” Short Film Highlight featured four pieces that were selected for overseas film festivals. In addition, there was a post-screening sharing session, in which the filmmakers shared their experiences of taking their Hong Kong stories to the international stage. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Animation Showcase brought to the audience an array of unique local animations that are well-acclaimed in the world.

“NEW ACTION EXPRESS” Short Film Highlight
Date: 15/6/2018
Time: 7:30pm - 9pm
Duration: 55 minutes
Venue: Public Open Space, G/F, Comix Home Base with post-screening discussion

Oh! Million Fist!
Hugh cho

2017 / Col / 7’ 48” / No dialogue and subtitles Dance and martial arts share the same origin. Having practised martial arts for years, a long-term practitioner of martial arts, dancer Hugh Cho, develops a choreography based on fight scenarios. Playing with camera angles and speed of movement, Cho merges dance with action movie and its shooting technique to create a new kind of screendance.
Call Me Mrs Chan
Chan Hau-chun, Chui Chi-yin

2017 / Col / 15’ 53” / In Hokkien with Chinese and English subtitles Cleaner Mrs Chan works in a public housing estate to clear the garbage, 365 days a year except on the first day of the Chinese New Year. For the past ten years, her quiet dedication cleaning the building has brought her no respect, only back pain. She said people despised her job, but she carried on with it.
I am Not Pretty
Keung Yin-ni, Sin Man-ting

2017 / Col / 6’ 00” / No Dialogue and subtitles Della always puts on heavy make-up, for it makes her feel more confident, look adorable for her loved one and get preferential treatment. Many embarrassing moments happen because of that. With Society’s tendency to judge a book its cover, Della believes that appearance means everything and intend to deceive the world with heavy make-up.
Lost Cemeteries
Ho Ying-kuen

2016 / B&W, Col / 25’ 58” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles Tung and Yan, brothers from a single-parent family, solely rely on their mother who operates a store selling incenses in a wet market for living. After a year since their mother has passed away, the government now implements a plan to demolish the public estates for redevelopment.
Hong Kong Animation Showcase
Date: 16/6/2018
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Duration: 119 minutes
Venue: Public Open Space, G/F, Comix Home Base (Free Admission)

Mak Siu-fung

2014 / Col /17’ 37” / No dialogue and subtitles To pursue his prey - a gigantic creature hiding in a snow mountain for years - M the hunter has put himself in a life-threatening situation. An incident which occurred subsequently leads him to a dilemma about what to do.
Shear Marks
Lam Ho-tak, Kwok Man-ho, Ng Kai-chung

2015 / Col / 8’ 42” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles The lines marked on the lamppost, which records the height of Chi, carry his childhood memories in the era of resettlement. The frivolous youthful days, the budding first love, the past with no regrets… mixed memories reappear in his mind’s eye, lighting up the innocence in his heart all over again.
The Third Hand
hui Chun-yu, Wilson

2015 / Col / 3’ 44” / No dialogue and subtitles Max is a player in an amateur basketball team but never assigned as a key player because of his chubbiness and clumsiness. Max starts working out in the gym when one day a third hand starts growing inside his body after he gobbled down a bottle of sports drink. Will this hand help Max become an incredible player?
Resettlement Memory
Lee Kwok-wai

2016 / Col / 6’ 37” / In Cantonese with English subtitles A fire in the 1950s destroyed the entire cottage area. In the seven-storey government resettlement block for the victims, it is not uncommon for a family to live together in a mere 200 square feet flat. Accustomed to quantifying income, population, and land supply, how should we quantify the process whereby a flat transforms into a home?
Kong Khong-chang (Kongkee), Lee Kwok-wai and Tsui Ka-hei, Haze

2017 / Col / 8’ 02” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles 2000 years ago, Qu Yuan, a poet and high priest during the Warring States period in ancient China, believed that men could be emancipated from pain by giving up their soul. 2000 years later in Hong Kong, a guy who looked like Qu Yuan set out to uncover the truth of the human soul, searching for a train to Miluo River, the river into which Qu Yuan jumped.
Behind the Schoolbag
Ho Chun-yu

2015 / Col / 9’ 30” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles Behind the Schoolbag is a story about salvation of oneself. Shun has experienced painful days during his youth, so he deliberately keeps a distance from others. Living a stressful life, people nowadays is easy to suffer from all sorts of mental illness. Only through self-therapy can one live a life at present.
An Emo Nose
Wong Ping

2015 / Col / 4’ 23” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles I have lost my interest in any kind of social activities after my nose left me. Am I enjoying loneliness as I thought, or the ugliness of the people around me makes me feel being alone is actually not bad at all?
Chill and Shivering
Vincent Yip, Philip Kwok

2016 / Col / 10’ 16” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles Jart is a typical geek who lives in his own world with his computers, models and dolls. On the night he moved into his new rental flat, which is an old walk-up building, something strange happened. unaware that the dwelling was formerly a shop providing Chinese herbal medical service, his surrounding turns supernatural and leads to a life-changing experience.
Primal War

2013 / Col / 1’ 52” / In English with English subtitles Hong Kong in 2033, Victoria Harbour is plagued by alien life forms spawned from the sky. Controlled by a mysterious lady in black, thousands of aliens mobilise itself from their lair to the bridge.
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