On Application


Applicant Eligibility

Basic requirements :

  1. All applicants must be the Hong Kong permanent identity card holder and have the right of abode in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or a company registered in Hong Kong.

  2. All applicants must be exclusive owners of the copyright in the relevant films. Where the relevant film is owned by more than a party, all parties owning the same film shall join as an applicant. The applicants shall warrant that relevant films do not infringe any rights of any third party.

  3. Entries must be produced after 2008, for the reason that most overseas festivals accept works produced within recent years. Works that have been produced before the said date will be considered as exceptional case for advisor's assessment.

  4. The maximum running time of the relevant films is 60 minutes (including end credits).




Rules and Regulations

This Project aims to encourage overseas film and video festival participation for Hong Kong short films and videos. The Hong Kong Arts Centre ("HKAC") is the organiser for this Project.

  1. This Project is opened to all creative talents in Hong Kong who create short films satisfying the basic requirements stated above who are being invited to attend/participate in international festivals/competitions short-listed (thereafter "Festival(s)/Competition(s)", please refer to the Festival List).

    In the cases that the relevant films are accepted by any festival not included in the Festival List, an advisory panel consisting of industry professionals, educators and short film artists, will screen and assess these applications to determine their eligibility for the travel grant. Assessment criteria shall include but are not limited to the merits of the relevant film, the status and recognitions of the relevant festival.

  2. The Project is only applicable for those films to be showcased in international Festival(s)/Competition(s) held in the period from 1 January 2019 to 31 August 2020.

  3. Due to resource constraints, the Project is only able to support applications on a first-come-first-served basis until funding is depleted.

  4. For each trip of a successful application, only one of the copyright owners (if more than one) or one of the directors (if more than one and the director(s) is/are not the copyright owner(s)) is eligible for the travel grant to attend the festival/competition. In the case that the director(s)/ copyright owner(s) is/are unable to attend, he or she may nominate one principal crew/cast member of the relevant film including leading actor/actress, producer, writer or cinematographer to attend the Festival(s)/Competition(s), for whose trip the travel grant shall be paid.

  5. HKAC will organise special events within the Project period, and all applicants shall use their best endeavours to support the special events.

  6. Applications should comply with further terms and conditions set out below under "General application guidelines" and "Obligations of the Successful Applications".




General application guidelines

  1. Each applicant shall provide HKAC with :
    1. a copy of the original invitation from the Festival(s)/Competition(s) ;
    2. a completed application form ;
    3. 3 quotations for the air ticket ; and
    4. 3 quotations for the accommodation.

  2. The attendance of the Festival(s)/Competition(s) may be before or after the application/granting of the travel grant, provided that no application will be entertained if submitted after 2 months from the closing date of the Festival(s)/Competition(s).

  3. Each application will usually take 4 to 6 weeks to process, except for those festivals not mentioned in the Festival List, which will usually take 6 to 8 weeks to process. Result of successful application will be notified by way of email only. Applicants may enquire about the process of the application after the said processing time.

  4. Subject to the following conditions, each successful applicant will receive a travel grant (to be particularised below) to attend the designated Festival(s)/Competition(s) abroad.
    1. One round trip economy class air-ticket ;
    2. Hotel accommodation in up to 3-star hotel or hostel/dormitory of equivalent level ; and
    3. One Festival pass of the designated Festival(s)/Competition(s)

    Conditions :

    1. There is no limitation on the number of trips to be supported financially under this Project for the successful applicants, as long as: The ceiling of the grants to be offered to the Film title being selected/invited to the designated festivals/competitions is subject to a maximum of no more than HKD 50,000. The period of stay at the Festival designation will be that as stated on the official invitation. And the maximum duration of stay subsidised for each trip must be 7 days and 6 nights.
    2. HKAC has the sole and absolute right to decide the amount of the travel subsidy after considering the quotations for the air ticket and the accommodation.
    3. HKAC has the sole and absolute right to decide to subsidy which part of the travel grant if the applicants obtain other grant or subsidy from other sources




Obligations of the Successful Applicants

  1. To be entitled to any travel subsidiary, the successful applicants shall sign an undertaking agreement indicating his/her acceptance of the subsidy offer and the terms and conditions set by HKAC.

  2. Successful applicants are required to file with HKAC a detailed report/article in such form as required by HKAC and submit photographic/video documentation of their festival attendance one month upon returning from the designated festival(s)/competition(s). HKAC is granted the right to edit and publish the report/article on any promotion channels of this Project.

  3. Successful applicants must submit a copy of their films to be screened at the designated Festival(s)/Competition(s) to HKAC to be kept in the latter's archive.

  4. Successful applicants must attend a sharing session and/or various interviews with the press to be arranged by HKAC (if necessary), and such sharing session and/or interviews shall be put online and/or recorded for archive purpose.

  5. Successful applicants should grant the rights to HKAC and CreateHK (the sponsoring body of the Project) to use no more than 3 minutes footage or 10% of the total running time of each the films, whichever is longer, for the promotion of this Project and/or for non-commercial screening in any up-coming CreateHK's events within the Project period.

  6. An applicant may withdraw his/her application for this Project by giving ONE (1) month's notice in writing to HKAC. No withdrawal of application shall take effect without the written consent from HKAC.

  7. Successful applications shall be demanded for immediate refund of the travel grant should they fail to attend and complete the Festival(s)/Competition(s) and or fail to comply with any terms and conditions of the Project, and HKAC shall have an absolute discretion to decide whether the applicants have failed to comply with any terms and conditions of the Project and such decision shall be final and inclusive.




Online application for NAE is now closed. Details of the next round of application will be announced in due course.
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